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Lyndsay Williams  invented  SenseCam in 1999 in Cambridge, UK, when she worked at Microsoft Research Cambridge. Lyndsay has left Microsoft and is now Managing Director of  There is no connection with Microsoft Research cambridge and Girton Labs. Lyndsay has finished work on SenseCam and started work on another Alzheimer's computer, SenseBulb as here 

 Her goal with SenseCam was to create  a device, "Total Recall",  to help a person with  major memory loss for example, dementia.  SenseCam is a camera worn on the body that automatically captures memorable moments in the day based on changes in the environment, such as motion, acceleration , detecting people,  light change, temperature, heart rate,  etc. All sensor data is recorded using a PIC microcontroller  in a similar manner to an aircraft “Black Box”  recorder but small enough worn on  the human body. A fish eye lens captures a very wide image view, 400% larger than an standard digital camera.  Several thousand images are captured in the day and replayed in a few minutes. An Analog Devices accelerometer, ADXL202, decides when to capture images.  Dr Narinder Kapur of Addenbrookes Hospital approached Lyndsay to ask for assistance with memory aids and the SenseCam was proposed.  Microsoft Research have used this successfully to aid patients with severe memory loss in joint research with Dr Emma Berry of Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge.  The SenseCam is the key component for Microsoft Research's  MyLifeBits  project. 

Above: Gordon Bell of Microsoft Research, wearing a SenseCam.


Academic papers about or referencing SenseCam, Feb 2008, 109 papers as here

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Medical applications of sensecam

MyLifeBits and SenseCam


Early SenseCam contributors were James Srinivasan and Trevor Taylor.

SenseCam from Microsoft Research

 SenseCam News 

Here is a BBC News video of SenseCam (4MB mpeg file) and  here  is a SenseMovie made outside King's College Cambridge.  Bill Gates talks about the SenseCam in Time Magazine, March 2006.  

   Below, typical SenseCam images by Lyndsay Williams


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SenseCam Dublin University