Selected Academic Publications, Patents  and Awards by Lyndsay Williams



Lyndsay was a contribting Author to Real World Digital Audio  2006

Real World Digital Audio (Real World)

 Academic Publications


The Use Of SenseCam As A Pictorial Diary To Improve Autobiographical Memory In A Patient With Limbic

 Encephalitis – A Preliminary Report. 2006. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation. Berry, Williams et al 

 AUGUST 2007 Here


SenseCam: a Retrospective Memory Aid Ubicomp 2006 Williams et al

Stimulating Episodic Memory Using SenseCam 2006  Poster 10th Anniversary Celebration of the
founding of The Oliver Zangwill Centre for Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
Williams et al

Designing Augmented Refrigerator Magnets  Conference Poster  Ubicomp  2005  Tokyo, Williams et al

Passive capture and ensuing issues for a personal lifetime store ACM 2004 Williams et al

Wood, K., Fleck, R. & Williams, L (2004) Playing with SenseCam. Proceedings of Playing with Sensors:

 Exploring the boundaries of sensing for playful ubiquitous computing (W3), UbiComp 2004, Nottingham, UK.

SmartMoveX on a Graph–An Inexpensive Active Badge Tracker  Ubicomp 2002  Williams et al

 Academic Papers referring to SenseCam, not contributed by Lyndsay Williams.

Other SenseCam Academic references 

 85 references up to June 2007

135 references until Jan 2008

173 references June 2008






Selected publications from pre -1983:

Practical Electronics Sequencer  March 1979  Lyndsay Robinson

Practical Electronics Waveform Digitiser Sept 1982 Lyndsay Robinson

Practical  Computing Spectrum/Analogue digital interface Jan 1983  Lyndsay Robinson



Program committee Pervasive 2005 Munich





 Lyn's European patents inc images also SenseCam 16 Published

Some of Lyn's USA Patents for Microsoft inc SenseCam

Pending Patents

K. R. Wood, S. Hodges, L. Williams, C. Rother, A. Criminisi, J. Chiloyan and J. Srinivasan. Camera for automatic

 image capture having plural capture modes with different capture triggers. Microsoft Research Cambridge.

 Filed 5/Dec/2005 pending.

C. Rother, K. R. Wood, L. Williams, S. Hodges, A. Criminisi and J. Srinivasan. Playback of Digital Images.

Microsoft Research Cambridge. Filed 5/Dec/2005 pending.

K. R. Wood, S. Hodges, L. Williams, M. Goldberg, C. Rother, A. Criminisi and J. Srinivasan. Transferring of

Digital Images. Microsoft Research Cambridge. Filed 5/Dec/2005 pending.





Selected Book contributions and  references to Lyndsay Williams

 Guanxi  Microsoft China and Bill Gates Plan to win the road ahead 2005

Inside Out - Microsoft 2000

Additonal Books



 Wall Street Journal -SenseCam

Microsoft Research - Thought LeaderShip Award  2005