Lyndsay Williams


Computer Scientist, Cambridge, UK 

Managing Director, Girton Labs, Cambridge, England



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I am the Managing Director of Girton Labs Ltd   in Cambridge, UK,  responsible for design of new

imaging devices and  computers to aid Alzheimer's.   I have no connection with Microsoft Research

 Cambridge  now.

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EEDA Award for Girton Labs, SenseBulb click here


In 2004, I  invented a sensing camera called SenseCam  for Microsoft to  help people with Alzheimer's,
see  here   . My work with SenseCam is finished now. The results of the Alzheimer's disease trials
also initiated  by myself,  lead researcher  in 2004    ( click here ) have just been released
Nov 2007:
"An initial trial with 20 patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other
forms of memory loss has given spectacular results"   SenseCam in the  Financial
28th Nov 2007  archived  here
Offical Microsoft website on Sensecam and memory research here

 I was a Senior Research Fellow at BT Labs Martlesham, UK  from  1997-8  where I was responsible

for inventing the tilting screen Technology  and  other systems as used  in the Apple iPhone and

IPod Touch, patent  Portable Computer Patent .

SmartQuill 1997 Tilting Screen



 I was  a Researcher at  Microsoft Research Cambridge UK from  1998 -2007. I set up the Hardware

Systems  Group in 1998 as here.  In 1998 I initiated several Human Computer Interaction  (HCI) projects for MSR

Cambridge, some found  here. These included handwriting recording pens,  3D computer screens and people

tracking devices.  I am  the inventor and was  lead Researcher on Sensecam , a camera that aids memory

recall.  In 2004, I  was responsible for initiating trials with Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, Memory Aids Clinic.


 I was born in Cheadle, Cheshire, UK, lived in Wilmslow,  and I obtained  a BSc Hons

  in Biomedical  Electronics  from the University of Salford, Lancashire, UK  in 1980.

My  skills are  in electronic engineering design (ARM7 hardware and software)  for embedded

microcontrollers  and includes cameras, portable music players,  analogue music synthesiser design, 

 digital audio, biomedical engineering,  avionics engineering,  pocket computers, educational toy design 

and military hardware design.


My  designs for Microsoft have also included inventions for  SenseCam , BioSenseCam,

 GyroTablet  a 3 Dimension displays for handheld  PCs, ( GyroTablet ,  SonarScreen,

  HoloSim),  Pen Computers, SensePill ,  and  radiolocation  tracking devices.

 I  currently have 15 patents   filed for Microsoft as here.

Prior to joining Microsoft Research in 1998 I was a Senior Research Fellow at BT  Labs, Martlesham  UK  

where I invented and patented a pen with  handwriting capture and motion controlled display, SmartQuill.

I designed  the hardware for the first soundcard for a PC in 1987 and also initiated 

some of the first digital  audio sound samplers for music and games for personal computers in the 1980's

 (for  Commodore, Datel  and Evolution Electronics ) . I have also worked as an electronic  design engineer

 for Psion  Computers, Amstrad,  ABB Kent Meters, Philips, Goldstar, British Aerospace, Ferranti Computer

 Systems,  GEC Marconi,  Music Sales,  Pace, Aculab.


 Selected Academic Publications, Patents  and Awards 



 Thrillchip on a mannequin 2007 


What's New?  

Girton Laboratories Ltd Dec 2007

October 2007 SmartQuill lives on...

August 2007

   The Use Of SenseCam As A Pictorial Diary To Improve Autobiographical Memory In A Patient

With Limbic  Encephalitis – A Preliminary Report. 2006. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation. Berry, Williams et al 



 August 2007 The  IStroke- Invisible Mouse

June 2007  The Guardian Newspaper Ex- Microsoft Star

May 2007  SenseCam from Microsoft UK




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Infra Red SenseCam Image of King's College Cambridge 2003



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