Digital Audio by Lyndsay Williams


Update 19th August 2008

I have now returned to music synthesiser design in  Girton Labs Cambridge with SenseSurface.





This soundcardhistory.ppt covers my early work on digital audio from 1977.




Lyn's Synthesiser , Wilmsow, Cheshire 1977

Based on Practical Electronics "MiniSonic" with enhancements.


Practical Electronics Sequencer 1979

A 2 x8 16 note analogue sequencer with Control Voltage output



Allen & Heath Brenell Sound Sampler 1983





Artwork by AHB

Update 18th August 2008

Allen & Heath Brenell, Brighton, My 1983 Sound Sampler.  Z80 based, 16K-48Kbytes  of sample memory. Rare and original hybrid design of analog music synthesiser with voltage control for filters, glide, modulation effects and microcontroller  control for storage of sound samples. Interface to Spectrum Z80 computer allowed tape storage of samples.  A 12 bit analog to digital convertor and digital to analog convertor was used.Aalso with a very low noise toroidal power supply, the samples were very low noise. There was no MIDI as it had not been invented then.

The use of analog voltage control allowed very smooth pitch modulation, e.g. glide, low frequency oscillator without the stepping sound that could occur with the low clock rates of  microcontrollers in 1983.  Two working prototypes were built but project cancelled after 2  years due to misuse of my Intellectual Property and a conflict with Electronics and Music Maker.   More on history  here


The AHB sampler was then redesigned by me into the very sucessful Datel Sound Sampler. 

Datel Sound Sampler 1984

Designed for the Spectrum Computer





Music Sales/Commodore Sound Sampler 1985



 Commodore Sound Sampler used Windows GUI before Microsoft





Philiips PMC100 Portable Music Composer 1986

Philips Sound Sampler 1987



One of the first FM SoundCards for the PC 1986


Evolution EVS1 - 1986

Evolution now taken over by M-Audio




Amstrad CKX 100 approx 1987

 For more on above projects, please goto SoundCard History PowerPoint



I have also worked for StudioMaster, Luton on Studio Mixers, 1993 design of MIDI system in P7 mixer.




I have worked on music keyboards for Goldstar, Korea, 1994 for Evolution Electronics.




 I worked with David Cockerell, the designer of the VCS3 music synthsiser as used on Pink Floyd's Dark side of the Moon.


2008 - working on SenseSurface, 3D control surface for PCs.