Older  Microsoft Projects

By Lyndsay Williams

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GyroTablet. Display view controlled by hand position, as measured by a MEMs Gyroscope.


Older projects on Microsoft Research webpage




Old Microsoft Projects, XWpen, Heartbeat Mouse, GyroTablet, SmartMoveX




Optical Motion Tracking Computer 2003- Surface Computing


Radio Tracking Badge badgepublish.pdf


 European patents inc images also SenseCam


 Colour Barcode 2003.  This used a Digital Colour Sensor to detect a barcode pattern made up of red, green blue strips. Using colour in barcodes allows a highter density of information to be achieved compared to black and white barcodes.


Fone+   Microsoft: Why Not Use Your Phone as a Cheap PC?

I was one of the original designers on  this project  with a team from from Microsoft Research Cambridge. The challenge was to connect a cell phone to an ordinary  TV screen.  Here is a similar chipset.   Here is the  U600  phone from Samsung which can also connect to a TV to show the internet.