Sr. Stewart Spanish 1/2 Boulder Creek

Welcome to Spanish 1/2!! 
8 April- Watch this video on 'jugar' and take notes for class.
3 April- O.K. We are finishing the NSE this week and then we are back on Unidad 6.  AIMS testing is next week followed by the Foreign Language Cultural Celebration. 
24 Feb-Watch the video for tomorrow on more irregualr verbs.  Take notes and bring them to class.
14 Feb-Video for tommorow on Ordinal Numbers. Take notes and bring them to class.
11 Feb- Take notes on ser/estar and bring to class tomorrow for points
22Jan- Take notes on e to i stem changing verbs for tomorrow
e to i present tense stem change verbs
17 Jan- Watch this video from Unit 4 lesson 2 covering o to ue stem-change verbs and take notes to bring to class tomorrow.
o-ue present tense stem change verbs
11 Jan- Watch this video for Monday and take notes for class.
8 Jan-Watch the following video on Stem-changing e-ie verbs in Spanish.  Take notes and bring them to class tomorrow.
e-ie present tense stem change verbs
7 Jan- Welcome back to Spanish!! Click on the link below to watch this video for tomorrow and take notes.  Bring the notes to class tomorrow and be prepared to apply the material.
6 Dec-Watch the following videos and take notes on Comparatives before coming to class on Monday Dec 10.
3 Dec- Watch the videos on possessive adjectives and the video on vocabulary and take notes for class tomorrow.
19 Nov- Watch this video on -er and -ir verb conjugation and take notes.  Be prepared to use it tomorrow.
-er and -ir verb present tense conjugation-
9 Nov- Watch these videos for Tuesday and take notes.  Don't forget to practice the Spanish song as well.
29 October-- Watch these videos on 'ir' - 'to go' and take notes for class tomorrow. Don't forget National Spanish Exam money is due at the bookstore!!
***Money is due ASAP to the Boulder Creek Bookstore for National Spanish Exam.  We need all students to take the exam so that we will be able to track progress.   
Oct 23- Watch the video on 'estar' for tomorrow and take notes for class tomorrow. Remember to look at the gramatica tabs at the top and write out the conjugations.
Oct 18- Watch the vocabulary video for Unit 2 Lesson 2 and take notes for class on Monday.
Oct 17- We are still reviewing Unit 2 Lesson 1.  Everyone should know how to conjugate -ar verbs and use tener+que+ a verb in the infinitive to say that someone has to do something.  You will have a chance to improve your score on the pronoun quiz tomorrow so make sure you know them.
Tuesday, Oct 9- Watch video on conjugating present tense
-ar ending verbs and take notes.  Be ready to appy in class tommorow. REMEMBER, after you watch the video you MUST click on the "English Grammar Connection" and "Gramatica" tabs at the top of the page and take notes as well.  Also, it is on page 96 of your text. 
Oct 3- Watch these videos on tener (to have) and tener+infinitive.  Take notes and be ready to apply in class tomorrow.
The verb tener(disregard the 'vosotros' form) with Native Spanish speakers-
Oct 1- Watch this video on telling time and make sure you know the numbers 1-100.  Take notes.
Telling time 1-
Telling time 2-
 Numbers 1-100-
Weds Sept 26- Watch this video for Vocabulary Unit 2, Leccion 1. You may have to put in that your are from Arizona when prompted.
If you have trouble watching a posted video, you can come to my room at 7:00a.m. in the morning Mon, Tues, Weds, Fri, and I will show it to you.  However, some days I will have meetings or other events going on so make every effort to watch the video before coming to class.
IMPORTANT***Weds, Sep 26: Make-up day for Unit 1 test is Friday, Sept 28 at 7:00 a.m.  Please make arrangements to be there if you missed any part of the Unit 1 exam.
Weds, Sept 19: Unit 1 test has been moved to Monday.  Below you will find links to the Unit Culture information that you need.  Make yourself familiar with the information.   Just scroll down to the two Unit 1 sections under "Avancemos a"....and "Comparacion cultural". You do not have to complete all of the activites, just make sure that you can answer questions in English about the subjects. That is how they will be presented on the test.  Also, there is a link to the Telehistoria Completa for the entire Unit.  Watch that and take notes as well.
18 Sept(Tues)- It seems I failed to include the link yesterday so here it is for tonight on noun-adjective agreement. Remember, you can always just go to "lesson links" on the left hand side of this page and access the videos if they are not listed here.  We will have an exam on all of Unit 1 towards the end of the week.
17 Sept(mon)- Tonight watch this video on noun adjective agreement and take notes.  Be ready to use it tomorrow in class.  Our next Exam will most likely be Thursday of this week.  Also, take time to go to Lesson Links in the menu to the left and watch the Cultural lessons for Unit 1.
13 Sept- Watch this video and take notes for class tomorrow.  If you didn't watch the vocabulary video from yesterday, go back and watch it and take notes as well.  Remember that tomorrow morning before school is the last opportunity to take the Leccion Preliminar test.
Definite/Indefinite Articles-
12 Sept- We have finished Lesson 1 of Unit 1.  You should by now have memorized the vocabulary and the grammar (i.e. ser, gustar, subject pronouns, survival Spanish) and understand how it is used.  Of course you can go back and revisit the lectures anytime you want here on this website.
Tonight's assignment-  Click on this link and then scroll down to watch Lesson 2 vocabulary and take notes.  
Last chance to make-up Unit 1 Lesson 1 Test is before school Friday, 14 September in my room. 
10 Sept- Watch these videos on gustar and take notes on them for tomorrow.  Also, if you did not watched the video for 'ser' this weekend make sure you watch and take notes on it tonight.
7 Sept- Watch and take notes on all 3 links on 'gustar' which talks about 'liking' something. Also, I loaded the wrong video yesterday for the verb "ser".  The verb I loaded was 'estar' which also means 'to be' but is used differently.  We will learn about that at a later date.  I have corrected the link so please go back and watch that video as well.  Also, the verb 'ser' is in your textbook on page 37 for you to reference.  The verb 'ser' is very important and I will most likely check for your notes on Monday. 
6 Sept- Watch the link on the verb 'ser' which means 'to be' and take notes on it.
If you didn't watch the vocabulary video, go back and take notes on it as well.
4 Sept-We will begin Unidad 1 on Thursday, 6Sept.  Here is the vocabulary videos you need to watch Tuesday and Wednesday and take good notes on so that we can apply them in class. Concentrate primarily on Leccion 1 for now.  We will get leccion 2 later.
*Go to (link to the left under "Link to textbook website") tonight to review for the exam. Also, study your notes this looonnnggg weekend and review video clips as well.
Test on Leccion Preliminar- Tuesday, Sept 4.
***NOTE!!! I have links to all of the units vocabulary for the entire book in the "LESSON LINKS" section on the left for those who want to work ahead.
Aug 28-29-- Tarea. Watch this video on Pronouns and review video on the weather.
Aug27--Homework (Tarea)!! Watch this video (take notes) and be prepared to use it in class tomorrow!!!!
-Aug 26-Sep 1. Continuing on with Leccion Preliminar/Survival Spanish expressions.
-Remember, 1)only Spanish in the class. 2)15 mins per night studying/practicing Spanish.3)Complete all of your classwork/homework.
Greetings link- 
-Good job on NSE test in the computer lab the other day.      -Remember, the score is just a baseline and does not count against your grade.
Thursday, 23 August, we will be in Lab 536 to take pre-test.  Nothing to study for here, it is just to get an idea of how much the classes know at the beginning of the year.  We will come back and retest later in the year to check improvement.
Tuesday, August 27.  Fire Drill 2nd hour.
This week we are learning about where people are from and telephone numbers.
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