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B3. Shopping

NSHS-B3 De compras
Novice Mid Proficiency Goal

  • Listen to conversations and read about clothes and shopping
  • Talk and write about shopping plans and gifts
  • Exchange information while purchasing an item of clothing
  • Listen to and read descriptions of gifts and gift stores
  • Talk and write about items you've bought and their price
  • Exchange information while comparing gifts and price
  • Ask for and give opinions
  • Ask for and offer help in a store
  • Talk on the phone
Grammar objectives:
  • Stem changing verbs: pensar, querer, and preferir
  • Demonstrative adjectives and comparisons
  • The preterite of -ar verbs
  • The preterite of ir
  • The preterite of verbs ending in -car and -gar
  • Direct object pronouns

8A Vocab Clothing

R1-7A Ir de Compras

Vamos de compras - shopping for clothes

De compras: accesorios

Hola Marta emergency link

Partner dialogue practice

Cultural Comparisons

Cultural Comparisons: El Mercado (English)

Cultural Comparisons: El Mercado - English - Spanish

De compras

Comparaciones culturales: Me encanta ir de compras - English - Spanish

Ay qué me pongo? - El Marchena

Clothing and colors
Clothing and colors - Interactive tutorial and practice

Getting dressed
Clothing and Getting Dressed - Interactive tutorial and practice

Video stories from the fabulous Señor Wooly

Vocabulario en Contexto

Todo Junto

Todo Junto

Grammar Videos:

Video: Las compras para la escuela

Authentic fashion resources

BBC: Clothing

Spanish Proficiency Exercises
Excellent speaking examples for study and for practice.  You are given the video, the transcript, vocabulary lists, and more.  Great for getting ready for the Speaking Test!

Ask the price of an item.

Buy an item of clothing.

Ask if an item exists in a store.

8B Vocab Types of Stores

R1-7B Preterite Rap -AR


Vocabulario: De compras

De compras en Madrid

Games and Activities:


Highly recommended activities on  These can be used for practice as well as for remediation.

Vocabulary from Paso a Paso

Cuánto pagaste por el suéter?

Java: La ropa

Self-test: Clothing Quiz 1 - 2

Definite articles game

Game: La ropa

Clothing Comecocos
Comecocos Game

Spanish Word Toss Clothing
Spanish Word Toss: choose the Clothing option

The Clothing Game
Clothesline Game

Buying and bargaining for accessories

The Telephone
The telephone: Interactive tutorial and practice

Pinterest Pinterest: La Ropa