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4. Shopping

De compras

Novice Mid Proficiency Goal
Unit Stamps for Students
  • Ask for and give opinions
  • Ask for and offer help in a store
  • Say where you went and what you did
  • Talk on the phone
Grammar objectives:
  • Costar and numbers up to one million
  • Demonstrative adjectives and comparisons
  • Quedar
  • Preterite of -ar verbs
  • Preterite of ir
  • Preterite of verbs with reflexive pronouns

En la tienda de ropa

Capítulo 8A  pp. 272-283

8A Vocab Clothing


Interactive game: Clothing items

Partner dialogue practice

Clothing and colors
Clothing and colors - Interactive tutorial and practice

Getting dressed
Clothing and Getting Dressed - Interactive tutorial and practice

The Clothing Game
Clothesline Game

Spanish Word Toss: Clothing
Spanish Word Toss: choose the Clothing option

Quizlet Clothing Game

Cuando voy de compras, me gusta...

8B Vocab Types of Stores


Buying and bargaining for accessories

The Telephone
The telephone: Interactive tutorial and practice

Ay qué me pongo? - El Marchena