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4. City & Shopping

Pueblos y ciudades

Novice high proficiency goal
  • Ask for and give information
  • Talk about where someone went and what he or she did
  • Ask for and give directions
  • Ask for clarification

Grammar objectives:
  • Impersonal se and passive se
  • Preterite of -car, -gar, -zar verbs and conocer
  • Irregular preterites: andar, venir, tener, dar, and ver
  • Irregular formal commands
  • Commands with pronouns and informal commands
  • Prepositions of place

En la plaza del pueblo

Capítulo 3A p. 84-97

3A Places in the City

Giving directions in the city
Giving directions in the city: Interactive tutorial and practice

En la ciudad

Capítulo 3B p. 98-107

3B Sightseeing and places of interest

dy and for practice.  You are given the video, the transcript, vocabulary lists, and more.  Great for getting ready for the Speaking Test!

Buy ticket for a theater or show.

Cardinal Directions City Game
City Game: Cardinal Directions

Vocabulary: In the City

In the City: set 2

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