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B3a. Travel

NSHS-B3a TravelNovice Mid Proficiency Goal

Unit stamps for students
  • Listen to and read descriptions of trips and vacations
  • Talk and write about favorite and imaginary trips
  • Exchange information while describing your best vacation
  • Listen to and read about community service
  • Talk and write about volunteer activities and recycling
  • Exchange information about volunteering
Grammar objectives:
  • The preterite of -er and -ir verbs
  • The preterite of ir
  • The personal a
  • The present tense of decir
  • Indirect object pronouns
  • The preterite of hacer and dar


Capítulo 8A

Level 1 Ch. 8A ¿Qué te pasó?

Level 2 Ch. 8A

Level 2 Ch. 8A ¡Buen viaje!

R1-8A Adonde fuiste

Hector p.1

Hector p.2

Hector: De antemano

Spanish Word Toss: Transportation
Spanish Word Toss: Transportation

Familia Carameluchi - Travel with the Carameluchi family

Tesoros Escondidos Hidden Object Puzzles
Hidden Object Puzzles: Look up the words and find the objects!

Hidden Object Puzzle Hotel Room

Level 2 Ch. 8B

Level 2 Ch. 8B Un día en Toledo

Cultural Comparisons

Cultural Comparisons: Vacations (English)

Cultural Comparisons: Las vacaciones - English - Spanish

Cultural Comparisons: Travel in Latin America (English)

Cultural Comparisons: Travel in Central America - English - Spanish

De vacaciones

Comparaciones culturales: Ecoturismo y vacaciones - English - Spanish


Comparaciones culturales - Artesanías - English - Spanish

10A Airport vocabulary

Vamos de vacaciones

10B Vacation activities

Me encanta escribir en español