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4. Neighborhood

En el vecindario

Novice Mid Proficiency Goal
  • Talk about what people do for a living
  • Introduce people and respond to introductions
  • Describe a house
  • Say what needs to be done and complain

Grammar objectives:
  • Indirect objects and indirect object pronouns
  • Present tense of dar and decir
  • Saber and conocer
  • Uses of ser and adjectives of nationality
  • Ser and estar
  • Expressions followed by infinitives
  • Preterite of -ar-er-ir verbs and hacer and ir

Los oficios en mi vecindario

Capítulo 2A p. 44-57

2A Professions

2.1 Flashcards

The professions: Interactive tutorial and practice

Neighbors and others: Interactive tutorial and practice


Hidden Objects Puzzle: La oficina
For fun: Hidden Objects Puzzle (misc. vocabulary)

Ésta es nuestra casa

Capítulo 2B p. 58-67

2B The house and its furniture

2.2 Flashcards

Laundry room game
Laundry Room Game

Spanish Word Toss: Around the House
Spanish Word Toss: Around the House

The house game
The House Game

Señor Wooly - Amnesia (saber & conocer)