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3. Travel

Viajando con familiares

Novice Mid Proficiency Goal

  • Ask for and give information
  • Remind and reassure others
  • Talk about a trip
  • Express hopes and wishes

Grammar objectives:
  • Preterite of regular verbs
  • Preterite of -car-gar, and -zar verbs
  • Preterite of hacer
  • Informal commands of spelling-change and irregular verbs
  • Direct object pronouns
  • Verbs followed by infinitives
  • Review of major concepts from Book 1

¡A viajar!

10A Airport vocabulary

10.1 Flashcards

10B Vacation activities

10.2 Flashcards

Travel vocabulary
Travel vocabulary: Tutorial and practice

Family tree
Family tree: Interactive tutorial and practice

Family Tree Game
The Family Tree Game

Spanish Word Toss: Family
Spanish Word Toss: Choose the "People" option

Familiares y amigos

Book 2 Capítulo 1 pp. 4-43

1A The perfect boyfriend

1.1 Flashcards

1B Chores and the house

1.2 Vocabulary

Hector p.1

Hector p.2

Hector: De antemano

Spanish Word Toss: Transportation
Spanish Word Toss: Transportation

Spanish Authentic Resources
Authentic Travel Resources

Hidden Objects Puzzle: Engine
Hidden Objects Puzzle for fun