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6. Home

Mi Casa es Su Casa

Novice Mid Proficiency Goal
Unit Stamps for Students
  • Listen to and read descriptions of bedrooms and colors
  • Talk and write about your room
  • Survey classmates about their bedrooms and compare theirs to yours
  • Listen to conversations about chores and read housing ads
  • Talk about household chores and write a description of a house or apartment
  • Exchange information while giving advice
Grammar objectives:
  • Making comparisons
  • The superlative
  • Stem changing verbs: poder and dormir
  • Affirmative  commands
  • The present progressive tense

Realidades 1 Ch. 6B Hip Hop Video

Identify the rooms in the house
Identify the rooms in a house: Interactive tutor and practice

Spanish Word Toss: Around the House
Spanish Word Toss: Around the House

Spanish Proficiency Exercises
Excellent speaking examples for study and for practice.  You are given the video, the transcript, vocabulary lists, and more.  Great for getting ready for the Speaking Test!

Describe your house.

Describe the house you grew up in and what you thought of it.

Talk about your TV viewing habits.

Give and take messages over the phone.