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A1. Basics

NSHS-A1 Para Empezar
Novice Low Proficiency Goal

Para empezar (Realidades 1 páginas 1-23)

Learning Targets
  • Greet people at different times of the day
  • Introduce yourself to others
  • Respond to classroom directions
  • Begin using numbers to tell time and talk about the calendar
  • Understand gender of nouns
  • Use the Spanish alphabet to spell words

Essential Question
What are some similarities and differences between Spanish and English?

Key Vocabulary
  • Cognate
  • Formal and informal
  • Noun
  • Definite article

Textbook Resources

Assessments & Rubrics

Video stories from the fabulous Señor Wooly
¿Puedo ir al baño? by Señor Wooly
¿Puedo ir al baño? by Señor Wooly - Stills - Quiz - Vocabulary

The Roman Empire
Spanish started out as Latin, the language of the Roman Empire.  What other languages began as Latin?

Basic Review Jeopardy Game
Basic Review Jeopardy Game

Unit Stamps for Students
Spanish Basics

Basic questions and answers practice

Greetings and Basic Conversations

Alphabet and Pronunciation

Numbers and Counting

Calendar and Dates


Spanish-speaking countries Games
Kahoot! Games for practice

Yo Me Llamo Paco

Brandon Cuffee - Trojan Pride ‎(No Lie)‎

Brandon Cuffee - Poquito

Brandon OBrien - I Love Spanish (original)

In-class Jeopardy game

Quizziz online quizzes
Quizizz Class Practice - Start Game - Student Login