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For Chromebooks:

The official Quizlet app is here! It's a free, fun, and beautifully simple way to study on your iPhone.  Seamless syncing means all your Quizlet study sets are ready to use. Or search Quizlet's database of over 21 million flash card sets to find content already created, including those by Señora McPeak.

  Picseek is like a treasure hunt, but with photos. Take a picture and challenge your friends to find it. Or join someone else's hunt and figure out where their photo was taken. Once you're there, overlay your camera's image with the original to win 

 DRAE - Diccionario de la Lengua Española es la aplicación oficial que la Real Academia Española pone a su disposición a través de la editorial Espasa Calpe para conectarse al Diccionario de la lengua española.

Resuelva cualquier duda al instante sobre cómo se escribe una palabra, accediendo directamente a la base informática de datos de la Real Academia Española de forma fácil y rápida.

Explore las múltiples posibilidades de consulta (exacta, por aproximación, fonético-ortográfica o sin signos diacríticos) sobre más de 80.000 definiciones y conjugaciones de verbos, actualizadas al instante y con un interfaz intuitivo y ágil.  También disponible para Android.

Edmodo is how we stay connected during the Misterios.  Download this great iPhone app today!  Also available for Android.
pronunciation, and a Spanish Word of the Day. Use it as a handy reference tool or as a fun way to learn new words in Spanish.  Also available for Android.

Word Reference Online Dictionary
WordReference Dictionary - This application provides access to the excellent dictionaries on in a format specifically adapted to the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Please note: The dictionaries are online, not downloaded. Use of the dictionaries requires Internet connectivity.a handy Spanish Phrasebook with audio pronunciation, and a Spanish Word of the Day. Use it as a handy reference tool or as a fun way to learn new words in Spanish.  Also available for Android.

 24-7 Spanish Tutor
Spanish 24/7 Tutor is a fun app to practice basic Spanish vocabulary.

 Noticias - Univisión
Noticias Univisión delivers real-time coverage of the breaking news that matters to US Hispanics. The app allows users to access news from their city or their home country. The Noticias Univision App brings 24/7 news coverage and reporting from Univision’s trusted anchors and shows so users can keep abreast of top issues, including immigration, politics, and upcoming elections.  Also available for Android

QR Reader
  QR Reader is a great app that scans both QR codes and barcodes. Fast and effective. App opens instantly in real-time scanning mode.  Also available for Android.

RedLaser is a free Barcode and QR code scanner.  A must-have app!  Also available for Android.

Google Maps app  Google Maps let you go anywhere that your imagination takes you.  Also available for Android.  Try the Mayan Ruins Tour!

FlipboardFlipboard is your personal magazine. It is the most popular way to catch up on the news you care about, discover amazing things from around the world, or stay connected to the people closest to you.  Also available for Android.  

MindSnacksLearn Spanish - MindSnacks - Start reading, speaking & learning Spanish today with MindSnacks! Our language apps feature 9 addictive games that build essential vocabulary & conversation skills. Perfect for students or travelers of any age who want to learn Spanish.  This app will teach you the language skills you need (and without subjecting you to boring flashcards). Soon you’ll be able to get directions, order food, meet new friends, shop, relax -- and more! 

GeoTour app  GeoTour GPS app lets you tour the world.  Also available for Android.

CoffeeBreak Spanish podcastCoffeeBreak Spanish is a free podcast with great episodes.  Download in iTunes and play on your device!

You can also check out the Top Ten paid apps, if you're feeling frisky.

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