Home Immersion

Your goal is to spend at least 60 minutes each quarter (45 minutes for 7th grade) immersing yourself in Spanish. Immersion is the "act of involving oneself deeply in a particular activity." When you immerse yourself in a language, you surround yourself with it so that you are essentially forced to learn it - or at least struggle to learn it.


  1. Spend a total of at least 60 minutes (45 minutes for 7th grade) immersed in Spanish each quarter
  2. You must do at least 2 different activities, each for at least 5 minutes. That means that you can't watch a 2 hour movie in Spanish and say you are finished. 
  3. Tell me about your experience by documenting it in your Home Immersion Log (found in Google Classroom).

    - What did you do? (BE SPECIFIC!!!)
    - How much time did you spend doing it?
    - What words or concepts did you recognize or learn?
    - What is something that you will remember or use
       again as a result of this activity?


Possible Activities

  1. Listen to Spanish-language radio.
  2. Watch television in Spanish.
  3. Change your Facebook to Spanish and play around on it for a while.
  4. Try reading a(n online) Spanish newspaper.
  5. Watch a movie in Spanish.
  6. Read a book in Spanish. It could even be a children's book.
  7. Change your cell phone or other digital device to Spanish for a day or more.
  8. Sign up for DuoLingo (or download the app onto your phone). It will give you short Spanish lessons to complete.
  9. Watch clips on the YouTube channel "Camera Kidz." 
  10. Watch Spanish videoclips on Univision.com or YouTube.
  11. Explore the Spanish language section of a bookstore.
  12. Try chatting in Spanish with a friend or another Spanish-speaker for 10 minutes or more.
  13. Go to or listen to a religious service in Spanish.
  14. Investigate recipes in Spanish. Check out Mi Cocina Latina or Qué Rica Vida. You can even make one of the recipes!
  15. Listen to some clips on Audio Lingua.
  16. Play around with iTunes Latino store and find 5 songs or 2 albums that you would like to own.
  17. Listen to some Spanish music. Here are some artists you might enjoy:  Carlos Baute, Enrique Iglesias, Pablo Alboran, La Oreja de van Gogh, Dani Martín, Selena, Shakira (in Spanish), Malú, Dalmata, Maná.
  18. Watch a Spanish athletic match (like soccer) - with Spanish commentary!
  19. Change your video or computer game to Spanish.
  20. Watch BrainPOP videos in Spanish!
Netflix streaming possibilities:  Canela, Valentín, Hermano, Pelotero (Ballplayer), Viva Cuba, La Camioneta, Voices From the AndesNo Eres Tú, Soy Yo, El Cielo En Tu Mirada, Qué Pena Tu BodaUna Noche,
Tana Krohn,
May 19, 2014, 7:49 AM