When I tell people I go to "karaoke" class, they give me a funny look.  You need to go to class for that?  I was invited to join a small group one day a week.  It was intimidating that first time to sing amongst a group thats been there months before me.  Somehow I muddled through and thought I'd come back again...and again...and again.  Aside from singing, I was learning a little bit about music as well!  I was fortunate to have the "SENsei" himself as our instructor.  With his encouragement and constant support, I've come to truly enjoy singing!  It's not just singing the words to a melody anymore.  I've been with Sen for nearly a year and a half and never miss a class unless there is a national emergency!
I come from a musical family and was always labeled as the hula dancer.  I always loved music and would sing a little, with no confidence what so ever.  I decided to take ukulele lessons, then voice, bass, keyboards and now guitar lessons. I now have a great passion for music and look forward to learn more!  Music has shaped my life in such a way that I feel that anything's possible.  I'm grateful for the support and guidance from Sen Music Studios as I have gained knowledge and confidence. I am now enjoying my journey in music and thank God for making the decision that ultimately... Changed My Life!!!  Mahalo Sen Music Studios!!!

Gary is great - very personable and so accommodating.  Davelynn is awesome!!  She is so patient and encouraging.  I have been going to a ukulele class for about 2 years, but i learned more about playing the uke in one session with her.  Thanks to both of you.


Sen Music, Gary Shimabukuro, is a great teacher.  A bonus is that he is a very nice and fun person too.  I've been taking voice lessons for a little over a year.  Gary has given me the needed confidence to push forward and become a better singer.  I highly recommend Sen Music.  If you have a desire to sing (or play an instrument), give Sen Music a try.  No matter where you begin, I'm confident that there will be improvement. 


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