Embrace Your Uniqueness!!  If you don't know what it is, find it!  Nat King Cole did!  He didn't have the greatest range or the most powerful voice.  Instead he had a smooth, mellow, baritone voice and used it in such a melodic, artistic way that he became one of the most influential singers of all time!


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Being a good listener makes a better Artist.  Singing, Practicing is important, but listening is just as important.  What is it that you like about your favorite recording Artist.  Can you describe the type of voice they have, raspy, breathy?  I have been a part of workshops that aid in helping to listen to Artists and describe characteristics, in as much detail as I can explain.  This has helped me to be a better listener and Artist.  It truly builds awareness:)   Davelynn

Blog-Embrace Your Uniqueness!

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We all want to sing like our favorite Artists, but we all have different experiences, in fact we all sound different!  There's a reason for that! We have the Artists we'll always remember for the reason that they were Unique and Special! Embrace what you have and nurture it!  Skies the limit! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!             Davelynn

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