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Our approach to voice training is creating a foundation of familiarity.  Every singer needs to know his or her "instrument".  We evaluate your range, tone, texture, and style.  We encourage you to embrace your uniqueness!  Then we focus on strengthening, range expansion, articulation, melodic and rhythmic embellishments, and overall artist development.  History and exploration of styles are a part of this program.


The popularity of karaoke, here in Hawaii, makes learning in this mode essential.  Our newly developed karaoke program consists of performance techniques, including projection, diction, microphone usage, and rhythmic studies.  Private lessons and workshops are available. We have karaoke rooms with the best sound around:)


The most popular instrument associated with Hawaii! Songs from the Disney Movie Moana has been highly requested! We teach the basics of strumming techniques, rhythm and how to feel music, chord knowledge, all in all, we make learning fun:) 


The foundation for musical understanding could always start with the keyboard.  Scales, chords, progressions, compositions, and techniques are all a part of this course.  An exploration of styles are also included.


True expression, for some, culminates in an original composition, be it a tune, a song, or a piece.  Studies in structure, content, variation, and blue print are included in this unique, captivating area of study.