-T'ai Chi Class

Every Thursday 11:00am at Seniors In Motion, Inc. on 111 Industrial St. Denton, TX 76201

Taught by Master Instructor, Forrest Rindels
"T'ai Chi consists of series of natural movements which strengthen the body and mind in a gentle enduring way. T'ai Chi seeks a harmonious way of life- a life which lends itself not just to survival, but to a quality exercise.

Essential T’ai Chi Principles 


  1. Make your movements slow, even and continuous, maintaining the same speed throughout. In other words, control your movements.
  2. Move as though there is a gentle resistance. Imagine that the air around you is dense and you have to move against this dense air. This will help you cultivate your inner force.
  3. Body:

  4. Be aware of your weight transference. First center yourself, then control your balance, keeping your body alignments and when your move backwards, forwards or sideways, touch down first, then gradually and consciously transfer your weight forward or backward.
  5. Body Alignments. Be sure your body is in an upright position.
  6. Internal:

  7. Loosening the joints. It is important to do the movements in a relaxed manner, but relaxation does not mean all of your muscles go floppy. You should be stretching, reaching and loosening. Try consciously and gently to stretch every joint from within, almost like an internal expansion of the joints.
  8. Mental focus. Be sure not to get distracted from what your are doing. Focus on your movement so that your internal and external are well integrated.

Try to work on one principle at a time until you feel good with it, then focus on another.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right away. Not even the best T’ai Chi practitioner is perfect.

You’ll get the greatest enjoyment from improving and finding new dimensions for every principle.

Go back to the principles regularly. As you progress, they will change somewhat in meaning to you.

  • 1 Free Try Out Session
  • Drop In $7.00
  • 5 Class Punch Card $30.00