*TWU/Seniors in Motion (Oct. 2010- Feb. 2012): 

"Fall Prevention",a year long research study to examine the effects of exercise in the age group of 55+ years of age in good general health. Projected number of subjects:100.

*UNT/Seniors in Motion (Aug. 2009-Feb. 2010): 

    “Community Fitness Program Benefiting Seniors and their Families: A Comprehensive Approach;” Pilot study completed in 2008

*TWU Biomechanics Department/Seniors In Motion  (Jan. 2010): 

     Participation of Seniors in Motion participants in an ongoing study using bi-directional hip machine and bone density. 

*Quality of Life Survey- Jan. 2010; Report on Participant Study.

     New participants of Seniors in Motion received the World Health Organization (WHO) quality of life questionnaire as part of the assessment process.  All Seniors in Motion participants are eligible for guidance and referral from our professional staff including social work.


-All staff members have completed the National Institute of Health training course, “Protecting Human Research Participants.” 

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