Assisted Fitness Program

Assisted Fitness Program Started at SIM

Seniors in Motion, Inc. was developed as an affordable community service for Denton area seniors. It was to promote a healthy lifestyle and to prevent or minimize the problems associated with aging by Jean Seward, P.T. in 2003. Exercise, education and safety training form the foundation of our program; we believe strongly in promoting health and well being, and respect the right of all people to stay active and strong. Our mission statement is “Fitness Through Exercise - Wellness Through Education”. 

    Seniors in Motion, Inc. receives referrals from Denton physicians, hospitals, home health agencies and community service agencies. Those individuals require fitness and wellness programs designed for their specific needs and personal goals. Participant self-referral is the most common avenue of program admission. Seniors in Motion is in good standing with all area providers, and word of mouth is our most effective marketing tool. 

    Seniors In Motion is the originator of the Assisted Fitness Program, in which program, trainers assist participants as they progress based on individualized exercise evaluated in the initial Fitness Assessment, which includes, height, weight, resting vitals signs, body composition, BMI, circumferential measurements, cardiovascular fitness, strength (by dynamometer), balance, posture, agility, and major joint mobility. 

    The Seniors In Motion, program utilizes variety of exercise methods, which include cardiovascular, resistance, flexibility, balance, coordination and daily-functional exercises. We are equipped with 4 treadmills, 8 recumbent elliptical/cross trainers, 4 stationary bicycles, an Endorphin upper & lower cycle ergometers, 4 twenty-inch-high exercise mats, a Shuttle System, exercise wands, dumbbells, resistance bands, a Nautilus Multi Functional machine, a Multi Functional Hips machine, a Seated Back Extension Machine, a BodyCraft machine, balance boards/discs, a set of parallel-bars and several sizes of Swiss balls. Of course, there are many exercises that our participants perform without any fitness equipment! 

    We serve older adult Denton residents who are independent as well as people who are recovering from surgery or illness after their basic skilled services are completed, and they are deemed safe to participate by their doctors. We are a cross-walk between physical therapy and fitness. We are here to assist!