Seniors in Motion, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), non-profit Assisted Fitness Center.
Located at: 
111 Industrial St. Denton, TX 76201

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(940) 566-5291

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(940) 566-0321

The story of Seniors in Motion began simply in the community of Denton, Texas. Physical and occupational therapists providing home health services to older residents recognized the need for an educational as well as a physical approach, which could precede the need for treatment, and assist residents in preventing or modifying the conditions for which they were presently receiving services. The idea that this could be a community program which would function as a non-profit entity and provide an affordable program for all residents regardless of ability to pay grew as our concern for increasing health care cost and demands for service were observed. The critical need for this program was poignantly exemplified by the pain and postural deformities observed in our osteoporosis patients. Intervention with education and exercise at an earlier point in their lives would have made a significant difference in preventing or modifying the pain and gait difficulty of their condition as well as bringing a quality of life to their advancing years.

The mission statement, “Fitness through Exercise and Wellness through Education” was inspired by this shared experience and Seniors in Motion was conceived in 2003 based on 35 years of experience in the provision of home health therapy services by Jean Seward (founder and owner) to the Denton community.

In order to introduce this idea to the Denton community, a feasibility study was conducted in 2003 including a survey of physicians providing services to older residents and many wanted to know how soon they could start sending their patients to the program. A series of community education programs were presented to provide public information stressing the affordable and accessible structure of the program in addition to the professional and qualified personnel involved in its development. The steering committee of Seniors in Motion was comprised of physical and occupational therapy, medical social work, certified personal trainers and registered nurses with a background in home and community health services. In addition a self assessment tool was also designed to emphasize the importance an individual assessment and participant commitment to health and wellness.

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