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**DUAL CREDIT**If you are a dual credit student and are NOT taking senior English from CHS, click here  **DUAL CREDIT**

Welcome, fellow Vikings, to the senior project page.  Please Note: Things change, and this page may be updated periodically.  Thank you for your understanding.  As you work toward completing your paper, project, portfolio and presentation, keep in mind that thousands of seniors before you have done this successfully and graduated.  You will be fine, and we as a staff are here to help.  Take a deep breath, and don't panic. 

By clicking on the links to the left of this page, you will find documents and materials necessary for the completion of your senior paper, project etc , along with resources and examples of quality work from previous years.  To the right of this page, you will find a running column of all the important due dates associated with senior project.  Enjoy. 

If you need to contact me for any reason, please email me by clicking the green link below.  Otherwise enjoy the page, and have a nice day.

Tom Kuhns
Senior Project Coordinator
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Room A 10

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Txt:  @chsprojec
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Thank you to those who helped create the documents on this site.

Royce Johnson, 
Stephanie Lauritzen, 
Jared Helm, 
Melody Melton, 
and others


Due Date

Dual Credit Senior Project meeting


(Open House)

 August 29

Choosing a Topic / Project and Paper Proposal

October 5

Faculty Advisor Fall Meeting

(Nutrition Bells)

October 12

4 Annotated Bibliographies due

(or 4 note cards)

October 19

Outline & Thesis

Oct 27

Draft Due for Peer Review!!!

Bring 2 copies          

Nov 2

Bring 2 COPIES!!!

Peer Review day 

Nov 8

Draft due for faculty review

November 14

Faculty advisor meeting for paper review

(Longer Nutrition Bells 35 Min))

November 30

Senior Paper Final Draft

Due by 3:00 p.m.

December 7

Statement of Intent


January 18

Mentor Mentee Agreement

(must be signed by mentor)

February 1

 Faculty Advisor Meeting

5-10 hours due

(Nutrition Bells )

March 1st

Letter of Introduction

March 8


March 15

Project Ad / Cover

(Submit online)

April 12

Final Faculty Advisor Meeting

(Full 15 hours due)

April 26


(Completed Reflective Letter enclosed)



2nd  period practice presentations

(A.M. Assembly Schedule)

May 3

Presentation Day

May 24

Presentation Make-up in Auditorium

(Letter of Explanation Required)

June 1