18 - Multiplying ones, tens, hundreds

Define Principle:

  • Sometimes you need to "carry" a digit when you multiply two digit numbers 


Skill Practice:

Evaluate and Apply:
  • Solve the problems on pages 50-53 of Singapore 3A Textbook
  • Singapore 3A:  Practice 3D


  • Now it is your turn to be the teacher.  Create a multiplication problem that requires "carrying" to be solved.  Teach your parent or learning coach how to solve the multiplication problem. 

  • View  Model Drawing for Word Problems:  http://www.thesingaporemaths.com/
    • Click on Primary 3 - Levels 3 and Enrichment for extra help with story problems.
    • Many children struggle with story problems.  Drawing the models as explained in this presentation will help children follow the logic required to solve story problems.  Allow children time and patience to learn this difficult skill.