12 - Two step word problems

Define Principle

    Sum and Difference can help you solve word problems that describe real life questions


    On the Home Campus Website, review the Learn page for Lesson 1.11  (adding and subtracting problems only)   http://my.homecampus.com.sg/Primary_Grade_3_Mathematics

Learn about Thinking Blocks and practice some Thinking Block word problems on this website: 

Thinking Blocks will be used to solve story problems for the next several years.  Practice several problems now to help you understand how thinking blocks are used.  

Video Presentations on Thinking Blocks:

Skill Practice

    On the Home Campus Website, practice the problems on the Practice and Worksheet pages for Lesson 1.11   (adding and subtracting problems only)    http://my.homecampus.com.sg/Primary_Grade_3_Mathematics

On your own, solve the problems on page 20-21 of your Singapore 3A textbook.  See video presentations below if you need help solving the problems.  

Evaluate and Apply

    Singapore 3A:  Practice 2A
    Singapore 3A:  Practice 2B


     Write your own word problem and show how you can use thinking blocks, sum and difference to solve the problem.  

More Video Presentations: