Marlon Kobacker - Brings Management A Step Closer

Marlon Kobacker an individual known worldwide for his contribution in the field of sustainability management. A pioneer who does not only believe in bringing change but has been working for  years together to convert his dream into reality, a dream of a world where sustainability is not a myth but a common practice in every aspects of life. Sustainability is the need of the hour as it involves three basic concepts: the needs of present and future generations the environment and the economy. Sustainability management is needed so as to maintain quality life on earth and Marlon Kobacker with his big box of experience is helping us achieve it in various fields such as various manufacturing industries, energy harness industries, education, real estate sectors, governmental policies etc.

His dedication and hard work led him to the nominations for “Young Achiever of The Year” in 2009 and “New Achiever of The Year” in 2011 by The UK Building Services and The Property Council of Australia respectively. His career destinations involve the likes of AECOM, Arup Singapore, Edge Environment, Cundalland etc. Being invited to address various notable occasions such as Inaugural South African Green Building Conference in Cape Town, 2008; Inaugural Israel Green Building conference in Tel Aviv, 2010 and many more adds laurels to his crown of achievements.  One of his biggest achievements was being appointed as:

When he was appointed as Senior ESD Consultant at Cundall he made sure he gave everything he had in his store and was part of various profound projects. Some of them are listed below:
• “Store of the future” project and the Barangaroo Master Plan, Sydney
• Green Square Town Centre master plan
• Mc Donald’s Australia Sustainability Strategy
• JP Morgan Tower, Sydney
• Hyderabad International Convention Centre, India
• Tiara United towers, Dubai
• Doha and Goldman Sachs
• Qatar Science and Technology Park
• Melbourne and Sydney Workplaces

He involvement was not only limited to those projects, apart from those he also has worked across Australia about sustainable designs and their applications, thermal comfort modeling and it’s utilities and also was an integral part of water balance calculations for both residential and commercial use projects across the nation. Sydney International airport departure terminal along with University of Wollongong sustainable buildings research centre all made sure they consulted Marlon Kobacker and took his advice. In the first LEED certified project in Australia which was also the first LEED platinum certified project in Southern Hemisphere he was the lead LEED advisor to Cundall.

Any list would fall short describing his skills. Here are few of them listed below:
• Sustainability
• Sustainable design and development
• Solar energy and LEED
• Carbon foot printing
• Project planning
• Contract management
• Workshop facilitation
• Business development
• Search for infrastructural sustainability

For all he has done in his career so far he has been awarded LEED accredited professional by US Green Building Council-Orange Country and is also certified as Green star accredited professional.

The University of New South Wales