Goals of Test Demo
qEstablish Wireless Mesh Network
qTransmit data between 2 Cars and 2 Lights
qStop car when red light triggered
qCar moves when green light triggered
qLights Communicate
qPositioning System

Summary of Test Demo

2 cars set up with microcontrollers with 2 traffic lights
Attempt to get cars to communicate with traffic light to stop at intersection when light is red
If light green, car notifies light that it passed intersection, light transmits this information to the other light, traffic lights switch and the second car is allowed to proceed through the intersection.

Results of Test Demo
Car unable to communicate location data, therefore did not stop exactly at intersection, also car cannot tell when it has passed intersection
        Positioning system would be needed

Algorithm does not know which car is at which intersection and when, therefore algorithm was only set up for light to communicate with one car, and the other light. Car's programmed only to communicate with one light.

Lights do transmit color data between each other.

See video here:

Test Demo


oEstablish Wireless Mesh Network
oTransmit data between 2 Cars and 2 Lights
üStop car when red light triggered
üCar moves when green light triggered
üLights Communicate
XPositioning System