Seneca Bible Online

Making Available the Word of God in the Seneca Language

Welcome to the Seneca Language Bible Online Webpage. The goal of this webpage is to make freely and easily available the word of God in the Seneca language.

We've got a couple pdf's so far. One has Matthew and Mark, the two are the gospel according to St. Luke (part 1 & 2) in Seneca on one page, with English on the next.

The pdf's on this site are available however you want to use them, free of charge. They are all Public Domain texts. Pdf's however are not that good a format to have them in, and we are trying to type them into the computer. If you have some time, it would be really nice if you could do some typing. You can either type the text into Wikisource, or email us whatever text you were able to type in. If you can't do very much even a little bit helps. This will make the Seneca Bible much more accessible to much more people.

Something else, for native speakers: It would be a great thing if audio books of these gospels were created. by a native Seneca speaker. If you are a native speaker, and would be willing to help please send us an email. If your used to recording--go ahead. If not we can help you get setup. We would like to release these audio files into the Public Domain.

After the text has been typed in, we'll offer a free text file with the text, and then comes the very important step of converting it to modern orthography. We'll need several volunteers for this who know Seneca well enough to understand what's got to be done to convert the old orthography to the standard one of today. After this is done the text will be available here, and as a Sword Project module.

Warning: The Pdf's are very large. We are trying to better compress them, till then--use at your own risk