Seneca Creek Watershed Partners

We are in the process of moving our website.  Please go to for the latest SCWP news and events. 

We are a group of active citizens, organizations, and municipal, county and governmental agencies who live, work or play in the Seneca Creek Watershed.

Our goal is to preserve the streams and open spaces that make up the Seneca Creek watershed for the use and health of future generations and to improve the health of Seneca Creek and its tributaries.

We are dedicated to supporting projects and educational programs that benefit our watershed, regardless of the event organizer, by facilitating communications, and by organizing educational programs and annual clean-up sites.

We invite all interested citizens, organizations, interest groups, and agencies to join us in our mission.  

Created June 27, 2008
Updated December 9, 2012
Consider joining our Listserve: SenecaCreekMD at yahoogroups dot com