Scholarships & Awards

      Leadership Awards:  
        2012, Montgomery Graduate Endowed Fellowship by Office of Graduate Studies (LINK) 
        2012, Aggie Core Values Award by Graduate Student Council & Association of Former Students (LINK)
        2011, Diversity Student Service Award by Office of VP & Provost for Diversity & Dept. of Multicultural. (LINK)
            Academic Excellence Awards:
              2012, Charles H & Frances Fleming Academic Excellence Award by Association of Former Students.   (LINK)                                      
              2011, AACC-International Product Development Winner, 2nd place                                                                  
              2010, Fall Scholarship Award, International Student Services 
              09-10, Texas A& M University: Regents Fellowship       
                    Travel Awards:
                      2012, MEPS Travel Award
                      2012, CSSA-Soil & Crop Science-Travel Award
                      2011, GRP Scholarship by Office of Grad Studies & Association of Former Students. 
                      2011, American Association of Cereal Chemists-Travel Scholarship Award