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MEDIA TOUR (Oct 2009)

ANOTHER PROJECT:   "Yoko Bows, Robert Shakes Hands, Deepak Says "Namasday" -- Customs and Traditions Around the World -- a book for children

"Okay Sign or Thumbs Up?"  a book for teenagers

See a list of Cool Sites that my students and colleagues have recommended

JK and Steve are collecting lots of cool web sites in a collection called  VeryCoolSites.com
We will have sections for "Parents -- here are some educational sites that your kids might want to look at... "  and I will have other sections called  "Oh NO!"  and they'll say, "Wow! That's funny/ amazing/ disgusting..." etc.

If you recommend a site, you get a free copy of the electronic version of the book.

We have learned about zamzar.com , pandora.com , and dozens of other websites from students and friends.  Please send your suggested web sites to us at  TheEbookMan@gmail.com

Our niece Kristen is in the book already because she introduced us to pandora.com 
Our computer guy Evgeny told us about pipl.com 

If you have told us about a web site and we have not acknowledged you, please remind us.

wefeelfine.org is another fun web site

If you "miss" the deadline, don't worry... there are other deadlines.  We are compiling a preliminary list before the end of July 2010

The "final" deadline is 1 August 2010 for the book, which will go to press to be ready for the Miami Book Fair in November 2010.

JK and Steve McCrea
Jeffrey Solochek
Karyn Solochek
Micah Solochek
Jacob Solocheck
Dennis Yuzenas




This book is like a series of short messages to my nieces and to the next generation of computer users.  I have spent move than ten years looking at web sites and experimenting with new programs.  I'm a TOM (a tired old man), just tired from years of staring and clicking. You can avoid a lot of hours of wandering the web if you use the links that we've collected here.

Imagine that you were given a thick book with the names and phone numbers of every person on the planet.  This thick book would have a special feature:  Some of the interesting names have comments next to their phone numbers.  That's what this book is about:  Giving you a comment next to the web address so that you can decide quickly,   "Is this the next website for me to inspect?"

Most of the sites that are in this book are just cool.  To get into the Very Cool Sites list (VCS), the site has to inspire us in some way.  Perhaps because it is beautiful (wefeelfine.org) or clever (happy-neuron.com) or useful (zamzar.com) or simple (snaggit.com) or it has a funny name (sitorstand.com).   If we like it, it's in this book.


EXCERPT (written by Ben Udy, director of a school in Honduras)

Although www.CofradiaSchool.com is probably still my "favorite" site, I do have a couple of sites that are exceptionally good educational resources.

The first one is ETAP <http://www.etap.org/>

Anyone interested in educating children that have good Internet access needs to take a look at this one. They have a full K-12 curriculum online including, texts, exercises, worksheets, quizzes and tests.

The other one is Schoolhouse Technologies  <http://www.schoolhousetech.com/>

Here you can find some of the best teacher resource software (free to try and very inexpensive to license) I have found anywhere on the net. Their Math's worksheet studio has saved my but as a maths teacher many times and now I use it every time one of my kids has a maths problem area that needs work. It is also the easiest way I have ever seen to make up a math's tests that are almost impossible to cheat on because every student in the class can have a completely different set of problems to solve and all the teacher had to do was keep clicking "generate" and "print" to get as many matched problem sheets and answer sheets as he/she wanted. There are many control factors that can be used to make sure each new set fits a very exacting set of parameters so claiming "unfair" is a mute.

There are also two FREE - OPEN SOURCE programs that I can't seem to function without:
The first is what I believe to be best complete office and school "Productivity Suite" to be found anywhere for any price and it free! I really don't know why anyone still buys "Microsoft Office Suite" or even "Adobe PDF Writer" when the Open Source community have a free download that does a better job at everything I used to use either of those very expensive products to do. And it completely compatible with all MS Office formats (yes it will read, edit and save in any and all of the MS formats I have seen and even MS Office itself won't do that) I am talking about "Open Office Suite" which can be downloaded (100% free) from Sun Microsystems or <http://www.openoffice.org/>

And, the Open Source community has another real gem for anyone interested in working or playing with digital images. "GIMP" is also a 100% free download and should be making a huge dent in "Adobe Photoshop" sales. It is available from <http://www.gimp.org/>


ARE YOU IMPRESSED?  Have you tried www.zamzar.com yet?    We hope you will consider donating to the causes that we are sponsoring.

Write to us with your comments and ESPECIALLY with your suggestions for very cool sites.

The address of this site:  http://sites.google.com/site/sendrandomtips/Home/very-cool-sites

See a list of Cool Sites that my students and colleagues have recommended


I SAW IT ON YOUTUBE.com   << more videos

SEND THIS EMAIL MESSAGE TO YOUR FRIENDS and COLLEAGUES.  Invite them to get a free ebook!  (The free ebook of the "half-edition" will be up on scribd.com -- and you can download it to see the structure of the book)...


Steve McCrea, lecturer and author, is availabe for interviews during his West Coast and Texas book tour
MEDIA TOUR for Dates (Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Austin)

Hi, Please look at this document.  It is located at www.scribd.com/doc/16066265/Very-Cool-Sites-Half-Edition on scribd.com .  If you suggest a new web site, your name will be listed as a contributor.   Please support this volunteer effort and donate $4 to the education funds (split among a school in Switzerland, Honduras and Kenya).

For more information, write to verycoolsites@gmail.com and if you register for the "first half" edition (an ebook), you will receive the full edition (an ebook) when it is available in November. If you contribute a favorite web site that is not in this list, you will receive the free electronic version.

Thank you

This message was forwarded by.____________ **your name**


Do you see how easy it is to participate?


Learn more about where your donation will go:  We are suggesting $4 and it will be divided among these charities... 

We will earmark the donation for "Gordon Dyke Education Fund" (goal:  $20,000 to generate the school fees each year for one student in perpetuity)...  $2

For the operating fund...and if there is more than $20,000, an endowment can be set up.  $1

$0.50 for quotations on walls (a building fund)
$0.50 for an art prize (we want to set up an endowment of at least $2,000 to ensure an annual income of $40 a year)

If 20,000 people participate, we will accumulate $80,000, divided as follows:
New Dawn's GD Education Fund $40,000
Cofradia School $20,000
Quotations  $10,000 (which might purchase about 10 square feet of a sports center)
Art Prize  $10,000

This is where the Art Prize is located (at Aiglon.ch)

This is a view in Kenya, showing some of the potential recipients of aid from the GD Education Fund.
The Gordon Dyke Education Fund is associated with the Newdawn-association.org in France (which does work in Kenya)

Sponsored and coordinated by... 

Thank you to the growing list of contributors including  Cary Elcome, Kristen Lawson, Tony Lloyd, Dennis Yuzenas, Leslie Lott, Ian, Melanita, Jessica, Evgeny, Tim, Ken Jeffus, George Schiano, Jair Filho Silva, Ben Udy and others yet to be mentioned here.

One of the co-authors, Dennis Yuzenas, has a series of suggestions that are included in the "Get Ahead Book" -- which is the "collecting book" -- It's like John the Baptist. The "Get Ahead Book" will go out December 2009 to announce that we are collecting "Very Cool Sites" in a big book, while we look for suggestions.  The goal is 3000 sites from around the world.  Some of the copies of The Get Ahead Book will go to India, China and other countries to stimulate those readers to suggest cool sites in their languages.  The "Get Ahead Book" will urge readers to contribute their suggestions of useful and educational sites >>> deadline 1 August 2010.

Download the "Get Ahead Book"
Tips for preparing for tests and getting into a great university.
FREE List of Educational Sites for Parents and Students

Steve McCrea, DVD producer, small schools advocate and author