Be a needy families Christmas Miracle in 2013

 Thank you to everyone who helped over the last 5 years. With your help we have been able to reach out to hundreds of children who otherwise would not have had a Christmas. It was a pleasure working with you all and I hope that we can continue by helping more families in 2013. If you have any ideas on how we can make 2013's Holiday adoptions even better please let me know.
   Would You Like To Be A Secret Christmas Angel To A Child In Need?
Once the donor chooses a family they then have two options.

1: Contact the family they are helping and proceed with the adoption on their own.
2: Be a Secret Angel
If the donor chooses to be a secret angel then Send me an angel will contact the family on the donors behalf with any questions they have for their adopted family.
Holiday gifts can me made in what ever form the donor is comfortable with. Most donors mail gift cards. While others order gifts online and have them shipped to the family or purchase gifts wrap them and mail or even personally deliver them if they are able to find a family local to them.
There are two types of adoptions Full Adoptions and Partial Adoptions
Full adoption is at least 3 gifts per child and the family is removed from the list
Partial adoption is 1-2 gifts per child or a filled stocking per child and the family is eligible to be partially adopted again
There is no limit to the amount of gifts you can send the family and no minimum or maximum amount that has to be spent. If you can only afford to spend a small amount but want to fully adopt it is ok to shop at discount stores like family dollar or to regift new unopened toys or clothing that have been sitting in your own childs closet since last christmas. On the other hand if you want to make an event of it and hold a toy or gift card drive at your place of employment or local club that is accectable to. You will find that the family you help is greatfull to receive any help offered no matter how small or large.
If you are interested in being an Angel  and would like more information please email any questions to 

Donations in any amount can also be made via Pay Pal using the above email address please contact us if you would like to discuss this option
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