- Philosophical Frontiers in Reverse Mathematics

February, 20th - 23rd, 2012.

Harumi Grand Hotel, Tokyo, Japan.

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Responsible for this page:  Naohi Eguchi (Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University) 
 ■ Organizing Committe

Kazuyuki Tanaka (Tohoku) (chair), Andreas Weiermann (Ghent) (chair), Toshiyasu Arai (Chiba), Naohi Eguchi (Tohoku), Hajime Ishihara (JAIST), Sam Sanders (Ghent) and Takeshi Yamazaki (Tohoku).

 ■ Speakers

  1. Tatsuji Kawai (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
    Categorical Structures of Basic Pairs and Concrete Spaces - Basic Structures for Constructive Topology. [slides]
  2. Kenji Omoto (Tohoku University)
    Forcing arguments in second order arithmetic. [slides]
  3. Shota Murakami (Tohoku University)
    Reverse mathematics and some independence results for PA. [slides]
  4. Makoto Fujiwara (Tohoku University)
    Recursive marriage theorems and reverse mathematics. [slides]
  5. Keita Yokoyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology/ Pennsylvania State University)
    On the reverse mathematics of Peano categoricity. [slides]
  6. Naohi Eguchi (Tohoku University)
    Order-theoretic Approaches to Computational Complexity - Towards more natural characterisations. [slides]
  7. Toshiyasu Arai (Chiba University)
    Bounds on provability in set theories. [slides]
  8. Florian Pelupessy (Ghent University)
    Phase transitions for unprovability. [slides]
  9. Ulrich Kohlenbach (Darmstadt University of Technology)
    Logical Extraction of Effective Bounds from Proofs in Nonlinear Ergodic Theory. [slides]
  10. Hajime Ishihara (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
    Some conservative extension results of classical logic over intuitionistic logic. [slides]
  11. Kojiro Higuchi (Tohoku University)
    Effective strong nullness and diminutiveness. [slides]
  12. Takayuki Kihara (Tohoku University)
    The inner structures of Turing upward closures. [slides]
  13. Kenshi Miyabe (Kyoto University)
    Schnorr Layerwise Computability. [slides]
  14. Shohei Izawa (Tohoku University)
    Composition of irreducible algebras by matrix product.
  15. Kazuyuki Tanaka and Keisuke Yoshii (Tohoku University)
    Infinite Games and Reverse Mathematics.
  16. Stephen G. Simpson (Pennsylvania State University)
    Propagation of partial randomness. [slides]
  17. Sam Sanders (Ghent University)
    The ghosts of departed quantities as the soul of computation. [slides]
  18. Ahmad Termimi Ab Ghani (Tohoku University)
    Determinacy and Optimal Strategies of Network Games. [slides]
  19. Osamu Yoshida and Yoshihiro Horihata (Tohoku University)
    Interpretation between weak theories of concatenation and arithmetic. [slides]
  20. NingNing Peng (Tohoku University)
    Relative Randomness for Martin-L\"{o}f random Sets. [slides]

 ■ Pictures