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Dvorak with Qwerty-based Ctrl Key Support

The D of Dvorak

Browser.htm - A file for surfing the Internet in JCreator.


DVAssist.exe - Dvorak Assistant - Dvorak with Qwerty-based Ctrl Key Support - Bracketed Fitaly for use on Tablet Input Panel of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition - Automatic Caps Lock Toggling Application. Read about it here.

heartmaxthon.jpg - I love Maxthon!

XP-Royale-Blue.thm - Get XP Professional look in your W810i or compatible phone.

welcome.png - Start-up screen for the above theme (XP-Royale-Blue).

windows.png - Screensaver for the above theme (XP-Royale-Blue).

startmenu.jpg - A screenshot from my computer showing the new Start menu of Windows XP.

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