SenCity @ Ubicomp 2013, Zurich

Cities act as hubs designed to accommodate and support millions of inhabitants, nomads and tourists that rely on the city's infrastructure to move around, communicate and flourish as individuals and as a community. This shapes the culture, habits and pulse of a city creating an organic urban landscape often invisible to the naked eye, but traceable digitally. With the proliferation of sensing and pervasive technologies, we should be able to tell the levels of crowdedness of the city, its mood, or how clean it is by sensing and visualising these aspects. However, this poses interesting research and design questions; how would one design a device for tracking and visualising crowdedness on buses, for example.

This workshop aims to explore the use of sensing technologies for visually resurfacing some of the hidden dynamics of the city by providing a collaborative and facilitated environment for applied research and creative exploration. Participants will collaboratively apply practical research and creative flair at the SenCity workshop to sense, visualise and share the hidden pulse of Zürich.

Important Dates

Workshop submission deadline9th June
Participant selection28th June 
Workshop @ Ubicomp 2013 9th Sept 


Places at this workshop are limited.  Workshop candidates are requested to submit a position paper of no more than 2 pages long in SIGCHI archival format, and must in addition include a short biography detailing their research interests and background.  For more info, please see the CfP page.


Sarah Gallacher | s.gallacher@ucl.ac.uk
Vaiva Kalnikaite | v.kalnikaite@ucl.ac.uk