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The objective of this project is to design a solar powered, cellular enabled, and modular system that can monitor conditions of its surrounding environment and relay that data to an end user. This system will consist of two basic nodes: (1) a sensory node that is placed into the field to gather data and (2) an internet enabled central server which collects sensor data from the sensory nodes for the user. The sensory nodes will communicate with the server using the GSM/GPRS cellular network. Using a PIC microcontroller and a GSM/GPRS modem, the sensory node will have the ability to send collected information to the remote server for analysis by the end user. Data will be made available to the user in the form of a comma separated value (CSV) file, containing both time-stamps and data parameters for each sensory node.

Project at a Glance:

The SenCell project is currently being developed by Chio Saephan and Eric Waugh to fulfill their Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering at Sonoma State University. 

Project Objectives

The following sections outline the project requirements for the SenCell system. These metrics create a guideline for a robust and functional system thus, meeting the customer's needs upon project completion.

•The system should cost less than $1,000.
•End user data must be presented in a .CSV format.
•Intervals of data sampling must be user settable.
•The system must utilize the GSM/GPRS 2G cellular network for data communications.
•Sensory nodes must produce and store local power.
•The sensory nodes must be weather-proofed.
•Sensory node settings should be re-configurable from remote locations.
•The sensory node should be operable for three (3) days without power generation.
•The sensory node must not produce/consume more than 2MB a month of cellular traffic.
•The sensor nodes must be put to sleep whenever possible to reduce power consumption.
•Sensor nodes must have a real time clock and at least 512kB of onboard non-volatile memory.
•The sensor nodes must have a minimum of the following: 4 analog inputs (w/ 10bit resolution), 4 digital input/outputs, I2C buss header for sensor/system expansion.

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