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SEMrush has been one tool that single-handed does all this and to perfection.

Your presence here shows you are already aware of how SEMrush can help you increase your rankings, uncover golden keywords, track the competitors for keyword and backlink strategies and ultimately rank your own site.

What are the Benefits of SEMrush and why you should choose it?

Here are some quick benefits of SEMrush for you.

Still, if you want to know how to get the most of SEMrush, you can read my detailed review here.

#1. Easy Keyword Research: SEMrush helps you find profitable keywords that are in the low competition range. You can enter your main keywords to get a range of new, potentially rankable keywords along with search counts and CPC data.

Even better, you can fire your competitor URL, and SEMrush will return all the keywords that are driving visitors to that site. An easy way to steal those keywords and make them your money keywords, I must say.

#2. Check Backlinks: Check your and your competitor’s backlink profile along with recent additions, anchor text data, page score and much more. All in no time.

#3. Site Audits: This one section of SEMrush will help you improve your site’s health by checking for any flaws in your site, content strategy and thus helping you to rectify them in time.

#4. Adwords Strategy Spying: This one is not for all but everyone should try to use this strategy if you have a small budget. With SEMrush’s PLA research tool (product listing ads) you can easily see the AdWords ad run for any keyword phrase. You can also track if a domain (possibly your competitor ever has done any paid ads) and then you can try bidding for those to get the benefits.

#5. Position Tracking: There is nothing worst than not knowing where your efforts are heading. With position tracking, you can keep track of your keywords and then analyze the rise and drop in their search rankings.

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How to use SEMrush: 7 ways to get the SEO data you need

SEMrush is powerful, versatile and all things considered, remarkably accurate. It is used to spy on Competitors Ranking. SEMrush provides the analytics reports which saves your several days of research. You can do Competitor and organic research easily through SEMrush.

Here is 7 ways to use SEMrush:

  • Find all of a website’s rankings, top competitors, keywords with SEMrush Domain analytics.
  • Analyze your competitor’s backlink profile
  • Find keyword suggestions for keyword research.
  • Find rankings for a specific keyword.
  • SEMrush projects
  • On page SEO checker tool
  • Creating SEO content template

As a blogger, you may want to know how other bloggers are using SEMrush to optimize their blogs and what exactly the software can do for you to get SEO data you need.

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All-in-one online visibility and content marketing suite

Complete workflow for any SEO professional:

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Semantic core collection
  • Position tracking
  • Ideas for gaining more organic traffic
  • Competitive intelligence
  • “Not provided” problem solution
  • Backlinks audit and analytics

Paid Traffic
Improve the results of your PPC efforts:

  • Competition analysis (search and GDN campaigns)
  • Ad keywords and creatives research
  • Keyword grouping and management
  • Negatives optimization
  • Google Shopping campaign analysis
  • Benchmarks of PPC costs at a local level

Social Media
Build your most effective social media strategy:

  • See how your audience and engagement change over time
  • Uncover your competitors’ social strategies
  • Compare your social performance to your competitors’
  • Discover the best-performing posts in each social network
  • Schedule and post to 5 social networks from one place
  • Social automation features (UTM builder, link shortener, image editor)
  • Chrome extension available

Content & PR
Create content that drives excellent marketing results:

  • Discover what topics and headlines engage your audience
  • Create an editorial plan and share it with your colleagues
  • Get a tailored template to write performing content
  • Check in real time how good your texts are optimized for search engines
  • Find the most relevant industry blogs/media for distribution
  • Audit all your content assets to find out what performs well and what requires improvement
  • Evaluate the impact of your content in terms of social shares, organic positions and referral traffic

Market Research
Market insights and competitors’ strategies overview:

  • Spot new opportunities for growth
  • Explore any company’s web traffic and visitor engagement
  • Get data for sales prospecting and lead evaluation
  • Understand new market to the fullest
  • Uncover the most effective digital marketing strategies


SEMrush Free Trial

SEMrush offers 7-day risk free trial for testing it. You can get access all of the features above.

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SEMrush Complete Tutorial
Check the below video for a complete SEMrush video tutorial.