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The Holy Quran is the Muslims Noble Scripture; the rhetoric presented in the Quran is highly valued in terms of religion and language. Quran indicates that no text is even comparable to it in terms of its linguistic beauty.

Many linguistic styles can be found in the Holy Quran such as metonymy, synonymy and semantic opposition.   Linguists usually use semantic opposition to explain the semantics and meaning of words and/or enrich the quality of writing. Therefore, semantic opposition has lately gained some interest to Arab linguist experts (e.g. Al-Helwa ) by studying the Holy Quran text and identifying the occurrence of semantic opposition manually.

In order to represent the domain of semantic opposition for a given field and automate the process of its identification, we propose the establishment of a computerized framework that exploits the power of semantic web technologies and natural language processing to represent and identify Semantic Opposition. We named this framework (Semantic Quran "SemQ").

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