Seminole Neighborhood Watch

Knoxville Tennessee

History:  This strong neighborhood watch program has been in existence for 34years. 

Region:  Portions of Bruhn, Inniskip, Adair, Highland, Watercress, Minglewood, Woodcrest and Seminole Rd are all included in this region and comprises approximately 100 residents.

Upcoming Events:  National Night Out, August 5 th, 2008 6-8 pm.  This social event is to strengthen neighborhood ties and give us access to local crime information due to interactions with the local police department.  Join us for an icecream social from 7-8:30 pm.  Bring your own lawn chair.  Postponed if raining.  In support of the program nationwide - leave your porch light on that night.

Criminal Activity:  Mail theft is a continuing problem in our neighborhood.  Please do not place money or cheques in your mail box.  If you must send out going mail the postal service keep the flag down and angle the mail at the front of the box.  The first of several to be convicted in last years mail theft ring received 18 months in federal prison on the court date of June 25, 2007 and ongoing proceedings are being conducted now with a court date set for July 15, 2008.

The two teens involved in an attempted break in December 2007 were sentenced and are serving time. 

On Memorial day weekend 2008 a home on Seminole Rd was broken into.  Anyone with information should inform the authorities.

Additionally, a vacant home on Highland Dr. was vandalized.  Please continue to report suspicious activity.

Block Captains:  Thanks to all of you for your continued service.  I still need representation from Highland Avenue, Bruhn Rd, and Seminole Rd. 

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