Seminaris Departament Economia UdG 2019/2020

1r semestre: si no s'indica el contrari, els seminaris tindràn lloc a les 13h a l'Aula 34.

  • 12-09-19

Miren Azkarate, Toulouse School of Economics: The Aggregate Effects of Labor Market Concentration.

  • 26-09-19

Amparo Nagore, Universidad de Valencia: How does an allowance for a non-working younger partner affect the retirement behaviour of couples?

  • 10-10-19

Dirk Foremny, Universitat de Barcelona: Paraísos fiscales: Wealth and Mobility in Spain

  • 24-10-19

Raquel Sebastian, Universidad Complutense de Madrid: AUTOMATION AND JOB POLARIZATION

  • 07-11-19

Joan Monràs, Universitat Pompeu Fabra: Immigration and Spatial Equilibrium: the Role of Expenditures in the Country of Origin.

  • 21-11-19

Carlos Sanz, Banco de España: Gender Gaps in the Evaluation of Research: Evidence from Submissions to Economics Conferences.

  • 05-12-19

Pau Milán, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona: Informal Risk Sharing with Local Information

  • 19-12-19

Jorge Marco, Universidad de los Andes (Colombia): Policy Analysis on Social Networks.

  • 09-01-20 (12h, Sala de Actes P4!!!)

Amos Golan, American University, Washington D.C. (USA): Info-Metrics for Modelling and Inference.

  • 21-01-20 (Dimarts!!!)

Baris Alpaslan, Social Sciences University of Ankara: Gender Inequality, Social Capital and Economic Growth in Turkey.

2n semestre: si no s'indica el contrari, els seminaris tindràn lloc a les 13.30h a l'Aula 34.

  • 6-02-20

José Azar, IESE: Estimating Labor Market Power.

  • 20-02-20

Marcel Jansen, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid: Does dual vocational education pay off?

  • 5-03-20

Raül Santaeulalia-Llopis, MOVE, UAB and Barcelona GSE: Education Disparities in the Battle Against Infertility: Theory and Evidence from IVF Success.

  • 19-03-20

Marta Lopes, European University Institute: Job Security and Fertility Decisions.

  • 2-04-20

Jorge Navas Rodenes, Universitat de Barcelona: TBA

  • 16-04-20

Axel Gautier, Université de Liege: Solar Rebound -- The unintended consequences of subsidies.

  • 30-04-20

Antonio Navas, University of Sheffield: Moving Ideas across borders: Migration, Patents and FDI.

  • 14-05-20

Ester Manna, Universitat de Barcelona: Platform Price Parity Clauses and Segmentation.

  • 26-05-20 (dimarts!)

Jaime Alonso, Universidad de Vigo: TBA