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The Construction of economic history:

methodological approaches and cross-discipline cooperation.

This seminar is organized by graduate students and young researchers, and tackles methodological issues specific to the historical study of the economy. For each theme, a two step process is followed. In a first time, a preparatory session is devoted to the discussion of classic texts, then in a second session we invite a senior researcher whose work helped to think the issue addressed. The discussion will focus on the making of past researches as much as on the development of new perspectives.

The seminar is aiming at bringing together researchers from all the disciplines of social science, in order to overcome existing barriers in the field of economic history. Sociologists, historians, economists, anthropologists, and demographers are invited to join and compare their views and the methods employed in their own disciplinary field.

In the longer run, hopefully, this seminar will help to identify certain focal points, certain common features and projects in economic history beyond the diversity of disciplines and topics studied. Throughout the sessions, we will try to gather and create a corpus of “must read” texts and interventions for today’s economic history.

Most of the sessions will be in French.

Please contact us for any information.

What is counterfactual history ?

- Jeudi 16 September, reading session
- Mardi 21 September with Jean-Laurent Rosenthal

The long-run and quantitative history

- Vendredi 10 Décembre 10h -12h, reading session
- Jeudi 16 Décembre 14h30 -16h30 with Jean-Yves Grenier

contact : Eric Monnet      

Incentives and institutional change

-Vendredi 14 Janvier 10-12h, reading session
- 20 Janvier (TBC) with Robert Allen

contact : Clément Dherbécourt

Legal norms and laws

- Vendredi 11 Mars, 10-12h, reading session
- Mercredi 16 Mars, 17-19h  with Claire Lemercier

contact : Annie Loeser 

Last session , Avril 2011, TBA