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What is the semester SHADE?

The thematic semester SHADE is an intensive research period focused on economic dynamics with strategic/heterogeneous agents. SHADE is a project financed by the LABEX MME-DII.

The four main axes of the semester are:

- Differential and mean field games
- Network dynamics and coordination
- Finance in the dynamic general equilibrium framework
- Dynamic models for endogenous population

The activities of the semester take place from the beginning of September 2013 to February 2014.

They will be concentrated in the area of Paris (France), more precisely :
- Laboratoire EPEE - Université d'Evry-Val d'Essonne
- Laboratoire LEMMA - Université de Paris 2
- Laboratoire CEPN - Université de Paris Nord 13
Laboratoire THEMA - Université de Cergy-Pointoise

In this web site you can find the list of the activities of the semester. 
Everybody can participate freely to them.

What does SHADE mean?
Strategic/Heterogeneous Agent in Dynamic Economies (it is the name of the semester)

LABoratoir d'EXcellence "Modèles Mathématiques et Économiques de la Dynamique, de l’Incertitude et des Interactions"

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