WEDNESDAY 19 SEPT (University of Chicago Centre in Paris, 6, rue Thomas Mann, 75013 PARIS)

9.15 Welcome and introduction 

9.30 Keynote:  François Recanati: Referential Coordination through mental files

10.30 break

11.00 Judith Degen & Michael Franke: Optimal Reasoning About Referential Expressions

11.30 Hendrik Buschmeier & Stefan Kopp: Unveiling Listener State and Information State with a Bayesian Model of the Listener

12.00 Saul Albert: The Pragmatics of Aesthetic Assessment in Conversation

12.30 lunch

14.00  poster session 1:  Nicholas Asher, Alex Lascarides and Oliver Lemon; Helen Chen, Laurent Prévot, Roxane Bertrand, Béatrice Priego Valverde and Philippe Blache; Jan  De Ruiter & Chris Cummins; Simon Dobnik;Kotaro Funakoshi, Mikio Nakano, Takenobu Tokunaga and Ryu Iida;  Christine Howes, Matthew Purver, Rose McCabe, Pat Healey and Mary Lavelle; Srini Janarthanam, Oliver Lemon and Xingkun Liu; Haldur Õim and Mare Koit ; Amy Isard & Colin Matheson; Maria Spychalska

15.30 break

16.00 Nicholas Asher & Alex Lascarides: A Cognitive Model for Conversation 

16.30 Matthijs Westera: Meanings as proposals: a new semantic foundation for Gricean pragmatics

17.00 Lori Moon: We Did What We Could: An Experimental Study of Actuality Inferences in Dialogues with Modal Verbs

17.30 (end)

18.30 Drinks Reception along the Seine

THURSDAY 20 SEPT (La salle des thèses (580F), La Halle aux Farines, 10 - 16 rue Françoise Dolto,  75205 PARIS)

9.00 Keynote: Eve Clark: Children learn language in conversation

10.00 break

10.30 Marisa Casillas & Michael Frank: Cues to turn boundary projection in adults and preschoolers

11.00 Anne Abeillé, Benoit Crabbé, Danièle Godard, Jean-Marie Marandin: French questioning declaratives : a corpus study

11.30 Nicola Plant & Pat Healey: The Use of Gesture to Communicate about Felt Experiences

12.00 lunch

13.30 poster session 2: Nicholas Asher, Stergos Afantenos, Pascal Denis, Cedric Dégremont, Markus Guhe, Alex Lascarides, Philippe Muller, Farah Benamara, Soumya Paul, Vladimir Popescu and Laure Vieu;Thomas Bliesener; Tina Klüwer & Hans Uszkoreit; Yasuhiro Katagiri, Katsuya Takanashi, Masato Ishizaki, Mika Enomoto, Yasuharu Den and Yosuke Matsusaka; Greg  Mills; Verena Rieser, Oliver Lemon and Simon Keizer; Lina Maria Rojas Barahona and Claire Gardent; Julia Peltason, Hannes Rieser, Sven Wachsmuth and Britta Wrede; Klim Peshkov, Laurent Prévot, Roxane Bertrand, Stéphane Rauzy and Philippe Blache; Kyle  Richardson; Alexandra Vorobyova, Luciana Benotti and Frédéric Landragin

15.00 break

15.30 Samira Ben Dbabis, Fatma Mallek, Hatem Ghorbel and Lamia Belguith: Dialogue Acts Annotation Scheme within Arabic discussions

16.00 Pierre Lison: Declarative Design of Spoken Dialogue Systems with Probabilistic Rules

16.30 Hannah Rohde, Scott Seyfarth, Brady Clark, Gerhard Jaeger and Stefan Kaufmann: Communicating with Cost-based Implicature: a Game-Theoretic Approach to Ambiguity

17.00 (end)

19.00 BANQUET on the Seine

FRIDAY 21 SEPT (Salle 575F, La Halle aux Farines, 10 - 16 rue Françoise Dolto,  75205 PARIS)

9.00 Keynote: Geert-Jan M. Kruijff: There is no common ground in human-robot interaction

10.00 break

10.30 Harry Bunt: The semantics of feedback

11.00 Matthew Henderson, Colin Matheson and Jon Oberlander: Recovering from Non-Understanding Errors in a Conversational Dialogue System

11.30 Julian Hough & Matthew Purver: Processing Self-Repairs in an Incremental Type-Theoretic Dialogue System

12.00 wrap up

12.15 lunch