co-located with 11th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2013)
Berlin, Germany, December 2-5, 2013

    There is a growing trend for the convergence of different computing paradigms, such as cloud computing, pervasive and mobile computing, service oriented computing, due to the needs of global availability and sharing of information. The applications of large Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Services (IoS), Internet of People (IoP) are gaining increasing attention. We are confronted with increasing complexities in the converged computing world. These complexities mainly come from: the scale of an application becomes unprecedented large, the management of an application is much more difficult due to large number of involved devices, events and contexts, due to the heterogeneity of networking, hardware and software, and so on. Due to the shifting of storage and processing to cloud systems, security and privacy concerns become more challenging. All in all, applications and systems tend to become more complex than before to manage and operate in the converged world. These challenges call for useful self-managing capabilities to alleviate existing problems.

Workshop Objectives

    The realization of self-managing pervasive service systems needs cross-discipline research, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, pervasive and mobile computing, autonomic computing, software engineering, service oriented computing which are complementary with each other. The workshop will build a bridge between the areas of service oriented computing, cloud computing, pervasive and mobile computing, autonomic computing, and software engineering.

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