Know A Lot Bot

Know A Lot Bot is a conceptual architecture for the development of educational chatbots with extensive expertise in relatively narrow fields of interest. Most current chatbot development is focused on creating chatbots that have wide, but limited, knowledge. Often, their goal is to emulate talking to a human. Some of these chatbots compete in the annual Loebner Touring Test (1) that selects and awards the chatbot that is judged to most realistically respond to a series of questions in a manner indistinguishable from a human. The Know A Lot Bot concept is to support the development of a very large number of expert bots that will be linked together via a standard API, as illustrated in the diagram below. Currently, Know A Lot Bots will contain knowledge expressed in the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (2). However, eventually the goal is to create the actual knowledge bases using Semantic Web technologies.   

Elemental is the name of a prototype Know A Lot  ChatBot that has expert knowledge of the elements and Periodic Table. While it is still a work in progress, it contains very extensive knowledge about the subject of elements.You can talk to the Elemental chatbot here


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