1. Semantic Analysis of Documents Workshop

September 16-19, Fort Collins, near Denver, Colorado, USA

Call for submissions

A large number of document management problems would benefit from having the semantics of documents explicitly represented. However, manually assigning semantic descriptions to documents is labour intensive and error prone.  At the same time, the manual generation of domain specific taxonomies is not only labour intensive, but it also needs to be repeated often as the domains themselves and their key concepts shift with time. 

In this workshop we will focus on document content analysis and semantic enrichment to generate a layer of semantic description of documents that is useful for document management tasks, such as semantic information retrieval, conceptual organization and clustering of document collections for sense making, semantic expert profiling, and document recommender systems. 

The workshop is timely and relevant to the Document Engineering community, as its focus is on semantically enriching documents and document collections, to make them more accessible to their readers. The task is nontrivial due to the volume of text data and the rate at which text data is accumulated by companies, government, and individuals.

We invite submissions in all areas of semantic analysis and enrichment of documents, such as:

  • automatic tagging of documents
  • named entity disambiguation 
  • semantic linking of documents
  • interactive classification and clustering of documents 
  • document summarization 
  • curation and validation of the analysis process, generation of visualizations of documents 
  • author and document collection semantics 
  • user engagement in the semantic analysis process via suitable annotation and correction tools
  • study of the trade off between accuracy of the results and user effort 

Submissions aimed at solving practical problems in specific application domains are especially welcome, including but not limited to: 

  • digital libraries
  • legal document management 
  • personalized online learning systems 
  • news media

We encourage submissions of work in progress, concept papers, and generally material that will stimulate discussion, generate useful feedback to the authors, encourage research collaborations and vigorous exchange of ideas on promising research directions.

Submission web site: https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=semadoc2014