Teaching Style

Learning without thought is labor lost.  ~Confucius

We believe success is obtained through logical understanding, rather than memorization, which derives from two key functions: presentation of material and tutor-student interaction.

  • Presentation of Material
    • We strive for our students to . . . .
      • Make connections through logic not route memory.
      • Understand the thought process and logic behind the material being covered.
      • Understand the big picture of how the tools they are using work with the rest of the subject and other subjects.
  • Tutor-Student Interaction
    • Our Tutors. . . .
      • Listen to the student and deduce their needs to supply a tailored lesson for the maximum benefit of the student.
      • Guide students through example problems and case scenarios by using “leading questions”; they do not lecture while the student sits idle.  The student leads by verbally expressing the actions taken while working examples and the tutor promptly encourages, redirects, and explains as needed all while making it necessary for the student to analyze/think for themselves.
      • Seek out example problems and case scenarios that are NOT contained in the student’s homework.