1)      Q: What is the background of the tutors?

A: It varies; all are at least in college, some have already graduated with either an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree. Many are professionals such as engineers. They all have extensive teaching experience such as previous tutoring, teaching review sessions in college, work as a TA while in graduate school, etc. They are all interviewed based on recommendations and perform a mock tutoring session with the owner to verify their teaching ability.

2)      Q: What is the price of a session?

A: The average is $35 per hour. Rates vary based on the student’s specific needs and the overall number of tutoring sessions. We also offer group rates, but do not recommend having a group larger than three people.

3)      Q: How is payment handled?

A: We bill you electronically and accept most credit and debit cards. It is very simple and easy. Also, you will have access to all of your previous invoices. Payment is typically due 48hrs before the session, but we are flexible for sessions that are setup at the last minute, or if the student and the tutor want to extend the session.

4)      Q: When do you offer sessions?

A: It depends on the tutor. We have a wide variety of tutors, so we will pair you up with one that matches your availability. We have tutors for during the weekdays, some for the evenings, as well as weekend tutors. We match you up with a tutor that matches the student’s learning needs as well as location and availability

5)      Q: Where do you meet for sessions?

A: A wide variety of locations. Typically libraries are preferred, but Starbucks, Barns&Noble, Target, and other locations work as well. The first session is at a public location, but if the student and the tutor want to have following sessions at the student’s home that is possible. However if the student is a minor at least one parent or guardian must also be at home during the session. See "our locations" for a list of some of our common meeting locations.