Officer Descriptions

NSSLHA Officer Descriptions


·   Presides over all meetings.

·   Sets the date for the next meeting when the normal schedule conflicts within the school schedule.

·   Appoint members to chair committees, such as publicity, field trips, organizations, guest speakers.

·   Casts the deciding vote if there is a tie in normal voting procedure. If the president is in the running election, she/he shall assign a designated officer to cast the deciding vote.



·   Presides over all 

meetings in the absence of the President.

·   Acts as advisor to all committees.

·   Has the right to vote except when acting as President.

·   Responsible for NSSLHA snacks



·   Presides over all meetings in the absence of the President and Vice President.

·   Has the right to vote except when acting as President.

·   Keeps accurate minutes of all meetings and keeps all necessary records and maintain them.

·   Responsible for presenting a copy of all minutes to all members and the Faculty Advisor.

·   Handles all club correspondence

·   Keeps a list of all active members



·   SGA Application for grant (annually)

·   Bookkeeping

§  budget monitoring

§  deposit money

§  balance checkbook

§  write checks

§  reimbursement

§  collect money from the front office and snack box

§  keep tabs on money collected and receipts



·   Responsible for updating NSSLHA board with pictures, announcements, documentation, etc.

·   Takes photographs at events and meetings

·   Updates/creates merchandise annually or when necessary

·   Assists with NSSLHA snacks

·   Responsible for meeting/event flyers if secretary is unable to create one.